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About us

AMERICAN DENKI CO., LTD. is manufacturing and selling wiring devices, such as receptacles and plugs.

Our main products are twist locking devices which resemble circle-like blades. If you put the plug in the receptacle and turn it to the right, it locks and becomes impossible to pull out. Therefore you can use the plug safely without feeling worried about it falling out of the receptacle.

We have been manufacturing and selling in Japan as a pioneer of this field for about 90 years. Now we are dealing with about 30 or more kinds of rated locking devises, corresponding to each standard of 2-4 poles or 15-100 amp.

Our products are broadly used as industrial wiring devices because of the function of twist locking devices which become impossible to pull out after locking. We especially receive the high appraisal from companies hoping for a safe electric supply.

We aim at the advanced company that can provide customers speedy and inexpensively with better quality products responded to the user's needs promptly, since we carry out consistently in our company, such as product development, design, manufacturing mold, assembly, market cultivation and sale.

Moreover, we consider environment through the all business activities, and continue being engaged in development of high-value added products that is to use more comfortable and more safety as primarily industrial wiring devices, IT-related products, and OA-related products.