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Quality Management System (ISO9001)

After review by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization, we have obtained the certification of Quality Management System Standards ‘ISO 9001: 2015’.
We will continue to comply with this system, strengthen our quality control system, and manufacture highly reliable and safe products.

  • Approval Certificate No.:

    Approved by Japan Quality Assurance Organization

  • Scope of Application:

    Headquarters 41-16, Kitamine-machi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0073, Japan
    Chiba Factory 1672, Motoori, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba 294-0822, Japan

  • Scope of Registration:

    The design, development and manufacture of wiring devices (connectors, receptacles and plugs, etc.)

Quality Policy

  1. We will pursue quality first principles, provide highly safe products to society and create "trustworthy brands".
  2. We will accurately grasp customer's needs and market needs, develop products quickly and contribute to society.
  3. We will maintain quality and reduce costs.
  4. We will continuously improve the quality management system to embody the quality policy.