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Quality Management System

AMERICAN DENKI has established a unique quality management system "A-QMS" based on the ISO 9001 certification we previously acquired with the aim of maintaining, and providing the quality of products and services at both the head office and the Chiba factory. We will continue to comply with this system, strengthen our quality control system, and provide highly reliable products in pursuit of safety.

Quality Policy

  1. We will pursue quality first principles, provide highly safe products to society and create "trustworthy brands".
  2. We will accurately grasp customer's needs and market needs, develop products quickly and contribute to society.
  3. We will maintain quality and reduce costs.
  4. We will continuously improve the quality management system to embody the quality policy.

Manufacturing products with consideration for safety

1. Adoption of nylon resin and polycarbonate resin

Nylon resin (PA) and polycarbonate resin (PC) are widely used as a material for main body and enclosure (cover) of products.
Both types of resin exhibit a well-balanced combination of heat resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and tracking resistance, and are among resins which are often called engineering plastics.
Since this resin is relatively expensive, it is often used in only parts of bodies of domestic wiring devices but our company regards safety as the most important factor so we use it not only for main body, but also for enclosures (housing).
Also, this resin is a flame-retardant material (UL94 V-0 grade) with self-extinguishing which does not contain hazardous substances, it possess a high level of safety. Addition to this the largest advantage of the thermoplastic resin, its recyclability, this resin can be called an environmentally friendly material.

2. Adoption of phosphor bronze

Blade receiver used in receptacle contain some amount of phosphor bronze. The phosphor bronze is a copper alloy with excellent properties obtained by deoxidizing it with adding phosphorus to the bronze to prevent oxidation.
Since the phosphor bronze is characterized by high strength, excellent spring properties and repeatability, is used as the most important element of the device, maintaining stable contact with blades. This material can provide a high level of safety to customers who place particular emphasis on function.

3. Product performance test

For maintain and evaluate the quality of the product, a waterproof test to check the waterproof performance of the equipment, a strength test to check the presence or absence of product strength by applying a specified load to the product, and a test to check the strength of blade and contact by implementing the insertion and removal of the product more than the specified number of times by JIS with the in-house testing machine, we carry out various performance tests and strive to provide products with high safety and reliability.