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About links

  • No application is required to set up a link to this website. Please be warned that contents of each page may be modified or deleted without prior notice.
  • Please do not set up links displaying this website as a part of other websites. Make sure that pages always open in a new window.
  • Links from websites that fall under the following categories are strictly prohibited.
    • 1) Websites that contain information that slanders our company, our business, products, or undermines our credibility.
    • 2) Websites that contain illegal or potentially illegal content
    • 3) Websites that violate or may violate intellectual property and other rights
    • 4) Websites we deem inappropriate
  • We cannot be held responsible for any content on other websites that link to our website, and for complaints and claims from and damages to third parties related to other websites.

About copyright

  • All texts, pictures, drawings, specifications, illustrations and other data on this website belong to American Denki Co., Ltd. or to original copyright owners of corresponding data.
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  • This copyright notice and terms of use must be attached to information copied or downloaded by customers.


  • We pay close attention to the information and contents posted on this website, but we do not make any guarantees.
  • We shall not be held responsible for any acts made by using the information posted on this website, or for any damage caused by using this website.
  • Please note that we may change or delete the information without prior notice.