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Message from President

代表取締役社長 小池 裕二

The world is entering an era of major changes. Among these, I believe, it is important to look at the global economy and the Japanese economy, and decide whether the old traditions or new innovations are good, and what should be continuously preserved.

American Denki was established in 1926. We have begun) manufacturing wiring devices since 1929 and we have continued to deliver new ranges and products to the market up to now, imagining our future.
We will continue to contribute to Japan's growth and economic development by fulfilling our mission and role as a supplier of highly safe wiring devices that can use electricity with the sense of security.

Our company is going to celebrate 100 years anniversary in 2026. We will continue to work hard towards this major milestone making full use of our abilities as a specialist manufacturer of wiring devices, by discovering new demands, introducing new exciting products, creating new markets and fulfilling expectations of our customers.
Also, while expanding our imagination on the path towards the coming 150 – 200 years, we will keep on going after sustainable creation and development.