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Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

After review by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization, we have obtained the certification of Environmental Management System Standard ‘ISO 14001: 2015’.
We will continue to proactively engage in environmental conservation activities to minimize the influence on the global environment through all areas of business activities such as designing, manufacturing and selling of wiring devices.

  • Approval Certificate No:

    Approved by Japan Quality Assurance Organization

  • Scope of Application:

    Headquarters 41-16, Kitamine-machi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 145-0073, Japan
    Chiba Factory 1672, Motoori, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba 294-0822, Japan

  • Scope of Registration:

    The design, development and manufacture of wiring devices (connectors, receptacles and plugs, etc.)

Environmental Policy

American Denki Co., Ltd. recognizes that global environmental conservation and harmony with nature are important themes common to all humankind, and to minimize the impact on the global environment through all areas of wiring equipment manufacturing business activities. In addition, we will actively engage in environmental conservation activities and promote resource-recycling management and the realization of carbon-neutral.

Priority management items
1. Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling
2. Cost reduction by resource saving and energy saving
3. Power saving measures and peak cut measures in response to changes in power conditions
4. Review of possible risks and prevention of environmental pollution
5. Elimination of toxic chemicals
6. Reduction of CO2 emissions
Activity policy
1. We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations and other environmental consideration requirements that we agree to.
2. Through education and enlightenment activities, we will make all employees aware of our environmental policy.
3. Through daily production activities, we will strive to prevent environmental pollution and conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions by setting environmental objectives and targets, constantly grasping the progress of "priority management items", and implementing and reviewing them.
4. We will carry out regular checks by "review at the management review meeting" and "environmental internal audit" to continuously improve the environmental management system.
5. This environmental policy is open to the public.