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Search from the Using Scene

These are the illustrations showing the main use examples of products. You can see the suitable product for use in that scene by checking the use and location among the 8 categories classified by use location.

Factory 1 (15A~30A)

Nylon COrd Bushing Cap for Nylon Cord Bushing Receptacle 15A Receptacle 20A Receptacle 30A Plug / L-shaped Plug 15A Plug / L-shaped Plug 20A Plug / L-shaped Plug 30A Wall Plate / Waterproof Plate Various Plates Surface Receptacle 15A Surface Receptacle 20A Surface Receptacle 30A Multiuse Power Strip 2ヶ口 Multiuse Power Strip 4ヶ口 Multiuse Power Strip 6ヶ口 Connector Body 15A Connector Body 20A Connector Body 30A Panel Mount Outlet 15A Panel Mout Duplex Outlet 15A Flanged Inlet 15A Flanged Inlet 20A Flanged Inlet 30A

Factory 2 (High Current 50A~100A)

Waterproof Panel Receptacle 60A Waterproof Panel Receptacle 100A Receptacle 50A Receptacle 60A Wall Plate / Waterproof Plate Various Plates Flanged Receptacle 60A Flanged Receptacle 100A T-shaped Multiuse Connector Body 100A Portable Dividing Box with Breaker 60A Plug / L-shaped Plug 50A Plug / L-shaped Plug 60A Plug / L-shaped Plug 100A Connector Body 50A Connector Body 60A Connector Body 100A Waterproof Connector Body 60A Waterproof Connector Body 100A Waterproof Plug 60A Waterproof Plug 100A

IT Equipment

Outdoor Charging Facility

Event Place