Heat shrinkable tubes are used to seal cord openings of waterproof plugs and connector body, ensuring waterproof properties.

Product Information

Heat shrinkable tube mounting

Pass the cable through the grip and heat shrinkable tube in advance, connect wires to the body and mount the housing, cover the cable opening area with the heat shrinkable tube and shrink it using an industrial dryer or similar device, taking care to avoid damaging the cable. The shrinkage temperature of the tube is 130℃, the shrinkage starts from 50-60℃ and the tube shrinks to about of 1/2 of the indicated size. Finally, tighten the grip screw above the heat shrinkable tube to fix it.


Catalog No. Configuration RatingSpecification Product NameSpecification Color Note
BT15-2 Inside Diameter φ15 Bushing Tube 10-pack
BT20-2 Inside Diameter φ20 Bushing Tube 10-pack
BT25-2 Inside Diameter φ25 Bushing Tube 10-pack