It is a fixing screw to mount wall plates or devices.
Various screws and nuts are available for use when using the product.


Catalog No. Configuration RatingSpecification Product NameSpecification Color Note
PS10WB M3.5×10mm Plate Screw 10-pack
PS15WB M3.5×15mm Plate Screw 10-pack
ZSM3 M3×12mm, M3 Flanged Nut M3 Screw Set Each 10-pack
PS-U3SUS 6-32UNC Unified Plate Screw 10-pack
BS15WB M4×15mm Body Screw 10-pack
BS20WB M4×20mm Body Screw 10-pack
ZNM4 M4 Nut M4 Nut 10-pack