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RACK MOUNT PDU Clamp Locking for Branching with Breaker

Rack Mount Power Distribution Unit with breaker is the high quality multiple rack-mount receptacle, which is providing a series of electrical power all in one place, mountable in a vertical direction in the rack, having 2 outlet of clamp locking, Japanese PSE law approved.
*This PDU must be used as the equipment installation product.

Product Information

It is a rack mount power distribution unit with 2 clamp locking 15A outlet, that can be attached to a 19-inch rack in a vertical direction.
Each outlet has a 15A circuit breaker.
The body is made of sturdy steel plate.
Since the attached bracket can attach 6 patterns on both sides of the main body, it supports various power supply environments such as horizontal/vertical/rear/side mounting direction of the rack.


Catalog No. Configuration RatingSpecification Product NameSpecification Color Note
2 Clamp Locking
2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding 30A 125V Rack Mount PDU, Clamp Locking (for Dividing) with Breaker Black with 15A Overcurrent Circuit breaker ×2