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SINGLE TAP 30A 1 Outlet

Single Tap is the portable power unit with a 30A receptacle, connectable 8mm², 14mm² cable. Corresponding to increase the cable size to reduce the losing current carrying.
It can be used in machinery facilities and peripheral equipment of 30 A specifications, and further, power supply installation such as UPS and PDU.

Product Information

Inner Structure

The wiring workability is improved by aligning the terminal screws of the built-in receptacle for connecting the crimp terminal all to the same side.


Catalog No. Configuration RatingSpecification Product NameSpecification Color Note
Twist Locking
2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding 30A 125V (NEMA L5-30) Single Tap Black
Twist Locking
2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding 30A 250V (NEMA L6-30) Single Tap Black
Twist Locking
3-Pole 4-Wire Grounding 30A 250V Single Tap Black