NEMA(National Electrical Manufacturers Association) is an organization of electrical manufacturers that establishes standards for manufacturing and testing of performance and reliability of electrical products.
NEMA standards generally promote interchangeability between products of one manufacturer with like products made by another manufacturer, ensuring proper application and use of wiring devices.
We have a variety of products according to the application, such as Receptacles, Plugs, Power Strips and Rack Mount PDUs that comply with the NEMA standard 14 ratings.
Excellent power is demonstrated in all environments such as servers and UPS installations, equipment requiring waterproof performance, and even for power receiving and storage equipments.
A wide variety of NEMA standard products are classified and introduced according to each configuration (rating).
Available to view product information, download product PDF drawing sheets and specification sheets.

In the case of NEMA standard number has an alphabet "R" or "P" at the end, it means
R: Receptacle or Connector Body side (with brade receivers)
P: Plug side (with blade)

※The following configurattion mark is indicated on the Receptacle or Connector Body side (with brade receivers).


NEMA L5-15

NEMA L5-20

NEMA L5-30

NEMA L6-15

NEMA L6-20

NEMA L6-30

NEMA L8-20

NEMA L14-30

NEMA L15-30

NEMA L16-20

NEMA 5-15

NEMA 5-20

NEMA 6-15

NEMA 6ALT-20/6-20