NYLON CABLE GRAND is a space-saving cable gland which can fix the cable by attaching to the cable slot of the machine or electrical box to prevent the cable from loosing or dropping off.
AMERICAN DENKI’s Nylon Cord Bushing Series will satisfy your needs because of the highest quality and variety of products.

Product Information

By fixing the grip for fixing the cable to the screw type, it is possible to secure the cable securely.
It is possible to prevent the cable from falling off and loosening due to excessive load on the cable and an increase in burden on the terminal part.
Moreover, by changing the screwing grip top and bottom, it is possible to fix the cable diameter in a wide range.


Catalog No. Configuration RatingSpecification Product NameSpecification Color Note
NCG14 Inside Diameter 14.5, Mounting Dimension 20.3 Nylon Cable Glands Black Nylon 5-pack
NCG18 Inside Diameter 18, Mounting Dimension 25.3 Nylon Cable Glands Black Nylon 5-pack