The High-quality Outlet for improving conductive performance and stabilization.

It is a panel mount duplex outlet developed for the purpose of minimizing the attenuation of the AC power supply and realizing clear and good conduction (improvement of conduction efficiency and conduction stabilization).

The body (enclosure / insulation part) contains flame retardant specification (UL94 V-0) which is excellent in heat resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, tracking resistance, containing glass fiber at 15% reinforced nylon resin is adopted.

By adopting deoxidized and phosphor bronze for the blade receiver of the outlet contact part, we have improved the plug blade holding force and repetition performance. Copper alloy with high electrical conductivity and high electrical conductivity is adopted as the terminal part connected to the blade receiver. Furthermore, in order to improve corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance on the surface of all the current-carrying parts excluding the earth blade receiver, rare platinum group metal used for high crass tableware, accessories, special chemical equipment, medical instruments, etc. In addition to applying some rhodium plating luxuriously, we did a mirror polished finish to prevent oxidation and have a smooth contact surface. Similarly, rhodium plating crimp terminals (R5.5-4 x 3 pieces) for wiring are also included.

Considering suppression of the influence on the electric circuit, we adopted the non-magnetic metal for all metal parts, such as using stainless steel for the material of the setscrew.
Since it can be mounted with one screw, wiring work can be done easily.


Catalog No. Configuration RatingSpecification Product NameSpecification Color Note
2 Straight Blade
2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding 15A 125V (NEMA 5-15) Hyper Panel Mount Outlet Black Hyper Series