Waterproof Flanged Inlet (Dust & Jet Proof)

Waterproof Flanged Inlet (Dust & Jet Proof)

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3-Pole 4-Wire Grounding 30A 250V (NEMA L15-30)

Waterproof Flanged Inlet (Dust & Jet Proof)

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Twist Locking

  • NEMA Configuration No.

    NEMA L15-30

  • Waterproof IP Rating

    IP65 Conforming Product

  • Color


  • Wire Size

    2.6φ~3.2φ, 5.5mm²

  • Connectivity

    Crimping Terminal, Push-in-screw Terminal

  • Crimp Terminal


  • Body Flammability

    UL94 V-0

  • Weight


  • Note

    RoHS2 Compliant


Waterproof Flanged Inlet (Dust & Jet Proof) is the device utilizing blades which is intended for flush mounting on an appliance or equipment and which is intended to establish electrical connection with an inserted connector body.
It becomes waterproof specification by combination with the included flat cover or an optional waterproof metallic cover.
It has waterproof performance of IP65 (International Protection Code) when not in use (the cover fully closed).
This device is primarily used for the power receiving ports such as smart house, emergency power generating, portable distribution panel and movable shop.
Its brass plate is plated the nickel plating satin finish excellent in corrosion resistance. It is with a set of mounting screws and nuts, and with an insulating cover that can avoid exposure of the charging part.
Connectivity is "crimp terminal" tightening the terminal screw on the side and "screwing terminal" using wire insertion holes.