Rack Mount PDU, Clamp Locking (for Dividing) with Breaker

Rack Mount PDU, Clamp Locking (for Dividing) with Breaker

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2-Pole 3-Wire Grounding 30A 125V

Rack Mount PDU, Clamp Locking (for Dividing) with Breaker

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2 Clamp Locking

  • Color


  • Wire Size

    VCT 5.5mm², 8mm²

  • Connectivity

    Crimping Terminal

  • Crimp Terminal

    R5.5-5, R8-5

  • Note

    with 15A Overcurrent Circuit breaker ×2
    RoHS2 Compliant

*This product is for equipment (Products to be mounted on equipment). Please do not use it for other uses.


It is a 30A input rack mount power distribution unit for branching with 2 clamp locking 15A outlet. This product branches the power supply circuit into two. And a 15A safety breaker with an instantaneous interruption function for short-circuit protection for cords that immediately detects and cuts off current when an overcurrent due to overload or short circuit occurs is carried on each circuit. It contributes to the construction of various power supply environments regardless of whether it is inside or outside the rack, such as when you want to fully use 15A at each outlet or want to manage the power supply at 2 lines. With detachable brackets, it is possible to install it in the vertical direction of a 19 inch rack. Both the outlet side and the breaker side can be installed on the front of the rack. By using optional mounting bracket, it can be installed in 1U size as well.