Waterproof Plate (Dust & Jet Proof)

Waterproof Plate (Dust & Jet Proof)

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2-Gang 1-Receptacle, for 20A/30A Receptacle (Face Dia. φ40.5)

Waterproof Plate (Dust & Jet Proof)

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    IP65 Conforming Product

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    Applicable Box: Middle-sized outlet box and adjusting cover flange (2 Gang, 1 Receptacle)
    with Plate Screw
    RoHS2 Compliant


It is a plate that can give performance of IP65 (dust and jet proof) to the power supply part by covering the optional waterproof metallic cover on the plug when using the receptacle, and by closing the attached flat lid when not in use. Because it has high performance of hermeticity and durability, it is possible to install a power supply of 20~30A indoors or outdoors as a waterproof receptacle or dust proof receptacle.
It is best use not only for weather-beaten outdoors, but also for places where liquids such as water are sprayed due to cleaning of the floor or equipment and due to processing the product, in addition places where dusts are scattered.
It has waterproof performance of IP65 (International Protection Code) when not in use (the cover fully closed).